Let’s be honest

When you are working long hours with no results in sight and not feeling appreciated, it’s hard to stay motivated. 

I hear a lot from women trying to progress their careers who feel they are working so damn hard to get promoted and yet the opportunities are just not there.

Earlier this year I sent out a survey, and here’s what you told me:

When you feel invisible, like no-one cares, and stressed about staying stuck with a capital ’S’, it can often feel like your hard work isn’t paying off. 

It wasn’t until I took small consistent action on a daily basis that I started to see results in my own career. 

So that’s why I wanted to show you a way to get ahead and jump start your career with the 4-step formula to launch your career. 

It's called...


... and it's just $29

Ever wanted to stop feeling invisible and take ownership in order for others to notice you are ready and willing to be promoted?

Here's what is covered in the training course:

  • Building a rock solid mindset to give confidence a kickstart
  • Using criticism to your advantage
  • How to deal with difficult people and unleash your inner wonder-woman
  • Learn how to experience both negative and positive emotions
  • Why mistakes are a critical stepping stone to success
  • How to move beyond a setback
  • Become a time management superhero
  • Do the most important thing first
  • The power of decluttering

Instant digital access. Easy, fun, inspiring and a big relief when you have a clear plan to launch your career, master setbacks and gain confidence.

30 day money back guarantee

I guarantee you'll find Career Launchpad valuable if you are job searching or feeling like opportunities are passing you by. See for yourself by purchasing Career Launchpad and completing it within the next 30 days. 

If you don't come away with a better understanding of how to get ready for a promotion, I don't want your money. 

Just let me know within 30 days from purchase, and I'll refund every cent. 

About Lisa

I’m Lisa and I'm the founder of Lisa Villaume, where I teach career focused women to live a simpler, vibrant and productive life. Through my blog, courses and YouTube channel, I've helped thousands of women propel their careers to the next level. Now, I'm here to guide you to reach your own level of success. 

Any questions? Email: hello@lisavillaume.com